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In The Hands Of The Beholder A Future Book Release All Rights Reserved

October 30th, 2017

In The Hands Of The Beholder A Future Book Release All Rights Reserved

(Excerpts from In The Hands Of The Beholder A Real Life Experience Of My Near Death Encounter As A Toddler (A future book release, all rights reserved) A Book of Inspiration, comfort, understanding, Memoirs Throughout Six Decades Fulfilling My Destiny Connecting Dots To The Circle Of Life In This Great Cosmos We Call The Universe. This Second, Minute, Hour, Week, Month, Year, Decade, My Life In Two Half Century's And A New Millennium And Until My Demise Once Again Beyond My Physical Body.

(excerpt from "In The Hands Of The Beholder". I speak of dots, no reference to dot net, or dot com but the evidence of my scar I call my dot. The near death experience I call a frequency beyond reality and the return to the physical body. It is the exact micro moment, instance, which is the reality of the occurrence and the remembrance of a euphoric dimension you exist within the frequency.....

Photography Prints


Creation is the frequency which we evolve, live and die. In some instances both creation and death occurs in the beginning. Unfortunate sooner than expected and others live within time allotted a lifetime. To make it easier or more understanding do not question why an infliction or death occurs but understand and keep the memory of the life alive, accept and embrace both life and death they are relative. Instinctively at one point we do prepare and accept in our own individual way. We all experience the duration of trauma, pain, inflictions, burdens, grief and sorrow of death, yet time allows us to find solace. We let go of what needs to be gone and move along for some in an instance others a lifetime. Accept and embrace both it is what it is and that is the cycle and frequency of life itself.

I was in the process of near death as a young toddler and my tiny hand was nearly severed off it was just dangling, viewing the events through my eyes and from above observing out of my physical body. I could not speak to my mother my brain was undeveloped nor did I cry or feel pain., I was just a toddler I never asked my parents I already new of the encounter. All throughout my toddler life, adolescence and adult life, I always had a reoccurring dream, it was always in exact sequence of events of that day without deviations of that near death experience I had as a toddler.

My mother found me at the bottom of the stairs to the side entrance to the house. I managed to wobble out the back door and down the stairs and found myself alone in the back yard. It was a bright sunny day, the wind rustling in the leaves and I kept turning around as if something was chasing me and pulling me upwards then I was no longer with my body, I was viewing everything but from above within the frequency, a dimension. I saw myself wobble to the side of the yard find the side stairs and started to proceed to the top. At the moment I saw myself tumble and fall and crash into the glass milk bottles which were at the bottom of the landing. At that very moment I witnessed myself lying in my pool of blood gushing from my severed hand, my diaper and body covered in blood.

Lying at the bottom of the landing I could hear my mother calling out to me from within the house and saw the expression on her face as she opened the side door and saw me lying at the bottom of the landing, She was screaming and nearly lost her balance in panic running down the steps and swopped me up. I watched as she took me into her arms, how bravely she took my tangling palm and pressed it back to my hand. She then ran back up the stairs and into the house into as she placed me in the kitchen sink praying out loud. She then washed all the blood from my body and wrapped a kitchen towel applying pressure. We had no family car, she dashed out the house screaming for help and managed to get to the neighbors house across the street who was a doctor.

The neighbor doctor temporary sewed my palm back to my hand with a sewing needle and thread, until I was rushed to the hospital. A temporary mend to stop the blood flow. The near death encounter and assistance from my mother and neighbor I was chosen to continue to live in this magnificent world and cosmos by means of manual assistance. Both the neighbor and my mother got into his car, my mother rode in the back seat and I was on her lap. Upon riding in the back seat looking up at my mother my life was earth bound once again. The perspective of viewing the events had changed, I had returned to my body. While looking up to my mother from her lap her tears dropped upon my face.

An out of body encounter has no age preference, some fortunate to return to share or spend their entire life understanding and connect the dots such as myself, the manual assistance which is also given in a hospital when someone is pronounced dead flat line, no brain activity and the fortunate return to the living they are witness to their deaths return and speak of it as well. Listen. I never had a need to pick up books about near death experiences yet saw interviews from time to time of others experience. I understood.

Over the years I did have a re-occurring dream of my out of body experience. It did help to further understand was it fate or was there a divine intervention. In retrospect over the years identified the event as a divine experience yet I did not witness a white light or tunnel nor did I speak to God or God himself speak to me. I would not have known who God was my brain was only a toddler brain. Dreams are the manifestations of our subconscious thoughts or events which manifest dreams in the first place.

Existence in this great cosmos has always intrigued myself, mankind and the scientific community. No one should disclaim an out of body experience they are real events which I experienced and the many select from around the world who return from the frequency.... Each and everyone's experience is different but share the similarity yet upon return to the living world and speak of the memory in detail, their experiences. Many have just the memory of the experience, is that alone prof? I have not only the memory but physical reminder my dot, such as others who have a physical scar evidence their memory of the event proof confirmation the event occurred.

Many perhaps not everyone may have at one point ask the question of all questions? Why? Why are we here? What exactly is the purpose? Does everyone ask or think this at one point or another throughout their lives? Surely you have come to your own conclusion, understanding, beliefs, or was it the definitive suggestive explanation and confirmation by others? Listen.

I am a living testament along with my physical scar, imagine my dot on a toddlers hand, it was my entire palm severed away, dangling, it had always been a physical reminder of my very own Near Death Encounter. "man has always been living testaments of one another the past, present and future, human species constantly evolving "

Original Cover Photograph, copyright by Michael Hoard

The entire blog along with photo titled "In The Hands Of The Beholder" is rights and copyright protected. No use allowed under copyright laws.

My City Project Deisgn and Concept Awarded Funds From A Fifty Thousand Dollar Contribution

April 1st, 2017

My City Project Deisgn and Concept Awarded Funds From A Fifty Thousand Dollar Contribution

Hello to all my fellow members here at Fine Art America and visitors. I know some of you may ask how do I accomplish the many things I have accomplish in my life. As I have mentioned many times it is in my belief "no goal is beyond reach, while achieving success". I have achieved yet another success story to share and a success story which will be seen by all visitors to the city and generations to come here in New Orleans, LA I do everything possible to inspire I waste no precious time worrying about what personal project to pursue or accomplish but connect the dots and take giant leaps and do what it is I have to do to manifest the reality.

As many of you may have read over the past year I was involved in a larger than life project. I took part in a New Orleans sponsored program the Welcome Table. Anyone could become a member up to 90 individuals. For the past three years 90 strangers came together in groups of 30 and discussed issues relating to race or local issues. Everything discussed remained in the circle.. I intinally thought this was relating to all the hoopla of the removal of statues located throughout the city which were considered a nuisance by our Mayor and other officials around the country. The city sponsored program brought strangers together to learn and better understand race issues and reconciliation.

This is the last year of the Welcome Table. It has been one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever taken part in. As appreciation to all participants for the last three year the city sponsored a retreat for participating members....Upon completing a year participation in the city sponsored program in association with Winter Institue of Mississippi awarded $50,000.00 to each 3 circles for the past two years and kick start a program for the betterment of local youth programs and group proposed programs which at the conclusion of participation each member could offer a suggestion and a group vote was cast. My group voted upon and accepted my idea and officially named The Equity Circle Project proposals, along with the other two proposed projects, a playground and public movie presentations at the site or local theaters with guest historians and speakers to answer questions.

While I was away on my 2,763 mile journey across the south and southwest to San Francisco I was unable to participate and present my idea to the group I missed the deadline to submit my idea. To my surprise when I returned in April and attended the meeting I then made my suggestion of a permanent public place for all relax or hold public outdoor meeting place. As I journeyed from city to city I sought out the public areas some were square some circle but nothing like my concept and vision. I did take note individuals used the public spaces, the one and only difference here in some neighborhoods not enough people gather but more so at the countless festivals which Louisiana and New Orleans famous for. We distance ourselves as a community which occurs here and other cities.

The public circle will be nearly 25 feet in diameter from one side to the other, it will have four quadrants square design may change to circle design, with a standard brick lined pathway entering into the main circle. The circle will have circular brick bench style seating to face within or out of the circle and a grouping of trees to form a canopy over the bench style seating and local landscape flowers of the region for beautification. The pathway will also have a brick lined walkway with a purchase a brick and a message engraved on the brick of inspiring words of unity and equity. In the center and below the compass of the Equity Circle will be a time capsule containing messages from the group circles and residents written for future generations to read 100 years from the dedication of The Equity Circle.

I had remained busy this past year being committee members to two of the proposed projects voted upon, the Equity Circle and public movie night presentations and a new playground near Equity Circle.

Next week will be a gala event with the Mayor, officials and news media and the presentation of all concepts from all three circles this being the last year. The event will be at the Museum of Fine Art NOMA 9:30 til 11:30 with a reception following TV and news media will interview the selected spokesperson from each group which I will be one of the participants and then anyone at the ending of the ceremony may step forward to speak as well... My creativity does not limit myself to photography but also layout and design concepts.

New Orleans celebrates its 300th Birthday within two years and also considered my plans for the future of New Orleans, its citizens and all visitors from around the world to North, South, East and West and visit this new attraction which I hope will bring strangers together instead of distancing themselves from fellow humans. My next project is I have decided to return to college at 65 to pick up on my degree I did not receive in 76 and pursue a degree in city and urban planning, architecture designs. I hope my announcement encourages everyone do what you have to do now for your time can be invaluable or valuable. I continue to connect the dots to the circle of my life and wish everyone the best of future success connecting yours as well. What is truly humbling is my vision and idea will become a landmark for all to visit and family legacy. I am proud of this accomplishment in my life.

When one of the city officials saw my doodle or architect rendering, they commented wow this is a great presentation but then you probably already know this, and of course I replied, Yes!!! Also the original drawing remains my copyright property and colorized copy's were made for contractors for materials and a specified official architect drawing to present to the city for necessary nighttime lightning which will be provided by the city.. Myself and the other members agreed upon no changes or alterations would become final without our approval. At the tip of the compass pointing South will be a bronze plate with concept design credits by Michael Joseph Hoard Future plans to include Equity Circle a plate on the compass floor directly in front of each of the bench seating the name of other neighborhoods to locate using GBS or google earth.

An inspiration of the design was also a compass my father carried with him during World War II my mother had given him. Prior to my fathers death he gave me the compass along with his teaching me everything he possibly could, no matter where ever I would travel I would never be lost but I would always return home New Orleans. The compass design was for all who visit this site and the direction to other neighborhoods with the point directing Upriver, Downriver, Lakeside and Riverside. New Orleans uniqueness of being surrounded by water. May all who visit make new friendships and renew old, may you never loose your way home!!!

Cheers from New Orleans, LA Michael Joseph Hoard

Marketing And Taking Care Of Business A Cup Full At A Time

February 11th, 2017

Marketing And Taking Care Of Business A Cup Full At A Time

A point of interest and examples, when you visit an artist or photographers gallery you see a sampler of the entire portfolio with thumbnails and title description of that particular artist or photographers gallery. They did not just mysteriously appear you created them because you want to present the very best portfolio....Some member have various specialty created galleries... It seems just because a visitor or client happens to see an artist or photographers specialty gallery as example Contest Winners, Group Featured Images, they may visit those specialty galleries created by the artist or photographer and may or may not like what they view but IMO having those specialties gallery's would not stray the visitor or buyer from viewing another gallery. After all we do place what we all consider the very to represent the gallery created, we do what it is to entice the visitor, member and buyer look at my gallery!!!!

Everyday Real Examples: for the older generation remember the Fuller Brush or other sales man use to go door to door he had his brief case and gave his pitch to the customer of what type of products he had to offer? It did not prevent my parents from looking and making a purchase because he may or may not have given a great sales pitch. The salesman appeared hot and exhausted from walking blocks and blocks to make a sale, taking care of business? My parents could not determine what it was until he was offering until they viewed on the porch or invited in to view the products. Pretty much what everyone's gallery represents is a sampler of all our stunning and masterful pieces of art and photography we offer for sale and eventually achieve.!!!!

I am at a culinary food fair, top leading chefs set up a sampling of what they consider their best specialty created dishes does not deter me to sample others just because I may not care for a particular ingredient in the food? I also later that evening spent $100.00 at the restaurant because he had the best samples of dishes prepared!!! :) :) :).

I just went to the neighborhood grocery, today vendors had personnel offering samplings of their food I did not hesitate one moment to try one. I replied thank you I appreciate the sample. I push the buggy as I call them the shopping carts some say baskets, tisket a tasket, I came upon another vendor, gosh I do not need to buy groceries today I sampled all them. Being a retired chef I can sense the aroma of everyone preparing samples in the super market, it entices me to follow the aroma and I walk upon yet another vender. When you cook surely everyone samples their food to add that extra ingredient and make the perfect dish!!!! :), :) :) I spent nearly $200.00 for food some for everyday consumption and stock items in the event of a natural disaster. Always wash poultry, always and cook to the proper temperature!!!

I am at a Home Renovation Exposition, the vendor has all these beautify sampler of carpets on display we may browse through them and then go to the wall panels and move each one to see the larger carpet available!!!! I just purchased a stunning $2,000.00 carpet because I viewed the samplers on display!!!! :), :), :)

IMO opinion I would have to disagree having a specialty gallery does not deter anyone from viewing other sampler galleries because of images in those specialty galleries. OMG, OMG, I made a sale not one, not two, not three but four because the buyer viewed images in my specially images sold gallery!!! They liked what they viewed and proceeded to visit all my galleries all because of the samplers I presented to them!!!!!

In some instances a member may receive a thank letter from the buyer expressing how beautiful the particular artist or photographer masterpiece appears in their private home or a place of business.

All the examples seem familiar don't they? Don't we all do the very same with out individual member portfolio and entice the visitor, member, Some members may even make a notation thank you for visiting my gallery, we assist the buyer in any way possible, we may also add, please if you need assistance I will be more than glad to offer you other options and possibly discuss selling the original. A positive approach and fierce marketing strategy is always a good thing. After all you are a non paying member or a paying member, now why are you here, because you consider Fine Art America the very best a POD site can possibly be on the entire world wide internet!!!

OMG :) I made another sale!!! You may ask how is that possible, explanation does your city or town have a coffee shop with large screen monitor and the coffee shop has two sections one for business customers and non business customers. The business customer reserves air time on the beautiful 50" monitor hanging on the wall you get to spend an hour marketing your on line your business. N ow isn't that a genius and innovative idea. The non business customers view your real time involvement at Fine Art America or other services you may render!!! Business is good all around for the coffee shop and an ideal business strategy. Concept and Idea "Marketing And Business, A Cup Full At A Time" Created by Michael Joseph Hoard (c) 2017

Best of success to future sales to everyone!!!!

There is a quote by Bob Dylan and it reads; "Everything In New Orleans Is A Good Thing" including Fine Art America!!!

In The Hands Of The Beholder A Future Book Release All Rights Reserved

December 23rd, 2015

In The Hands Of The Beholder A Future Book Release All Rights Reserved

(Excerpts from In The Hands Of The Beholder My Near Death Encounter As A Toddler (A future book release, all rights reserved)

(excerpt from "In The Hands Of The Beholder. I speak of dots. no reference to dot net, or dot com the dots of existence the ones we make the connection with. We die in stages and some others die within time allotted and others sooner than expected.. To make it easier or more understanding do not question why a death occurred but understand and keep the memory alive, life and death are relative, Instinctively at one point we do prepare. I was in the process of near death as a young toddler and my tiny hand was nearly severed off it was just dangling, viewing the events through my eyes and from above,. I could not speak to my mother my brain was undeveloped nor did I cry or feel pain., I was just a toddler I never asked but new of the encounter. I suppose 2 years of age or younger. I tried to understand a dream which over and over and over always the same yet it was identical to the encounter. I have over the years tired to understand was it fate or was there a divine intervention, it was a divine encounter....of my life.

My mother found me on the side yard in my pool of blood gushing from my severed hand and she was responsible along with the doctor neighbor across the street He temporary sewed my palm back to my hand with a sewing needle and thread, until I was brought to the hospital. A temporary mend to stop the blood flow. The near death encounter and assistance from my mother and neighbor I was chosen to continue and live in this magnificent world and cosmos by means of manual assistance. Upon riding in the back seat looking up at my mother my life was earth bound once again. An out of body encounter has no age preference, some fortunate to return to share or spend their entire life understanding and connect the dots such as myself, the manual assistance which is also given in a hospital when someone is pronounced dead flat line, no brain activity and the fortunate return to the living they are witness to their deaths return and speak of it as well.

The scar, I call my dot I is still present today a physical reminder of My Near Death Encounter......

An Artist Comment

December 22nd, 2015

I can not stay away, I had to think about this very carefully, After hearing about a million dollar piece of art go up for auction is something that is in the
eye of the beholder the buyer such a large amount of money I believe that choice should belong to them, A painting, solid blue white line running through the middle was recently purchased in Europe. And what can one say it must be nice, I do wonder about it, I have never recalled painting a solid canvas with a line running thru the middle of the canvas, the outcome an abstract. Has my life been an abstract of sorts, events of real life moments. What exactly does a solid painting with a white line running thru the middle do for me? I can not image how much thought went into such a painting or exactly how many brush strokes was involved to achieve the success, knowing one day it would sell for a million dollars.

In my case I have taken photos and painted my entire life since the age of 10 and ealier.... I have never attempted marketing my photography until I joined Fine Art America thou I always envisioned my first premiere photographers show, it makes me wonder of other events in my own personal life,the value of human life vs the value of a canvas.....There is no comparison life vs canvas, but it is mind boggling to know a canvas painted blue with a white line sold for a million dollars....

I have overcome many obstacles throughout my life, nothing as simplistic as a solid canvas with a white line, which I keep thinking family took us to an air show, well jets came down from the sky and one of them broke the sound barrier from what I remember about that day, I collapsed and started turning blue, convulsion, when the jet broke the sound barrier it was the first intensive sound I ever heard.... they rushed me to the hospital only to find out somehow there was a growth of tissue from my tonsils amass which grew into oth sides inside my head or behind my mouth cavity, my ear canal from within my body that sound was the first sound I heard pretty much in my life. they removed my tonsils and the growth, while I was in the hospital there was a person in my room next to me, he had broken a foot don't remember his name, he heard me strangle in my sleep and he somehow got out of his bed pulled me up and i puked blood, the stiches in my mouth opened while I was sleeping, this person if he was not there I would have downed on my an earlier age from my memory, I remember riding on a public service bus and my mother told me we were going to see a doctor....I remember taking all sorts of test for co-ordination, colors and so forth....I am certain somewhere in the back of my parents minds they may have thought somehow I may had a syndrome or challenged.....they new something was abnormal.......I remember I would mimic sounds.....

...a few years back, I fell off a scaffol, and hit the concrete head first, dazed, I managed to call my sister get over here fast I may not make it, she picked me up and rushed me to the hospital. I had a hickee from across my forehead as large as a cuccumber to above my right ear. Family members got very concerned and were very worried no one would tell them anything. As I lay on the stretcher looking up a surgeon comes into view, he leaded forward and tells me, Mr. Hoard after viewing your CAT scan I have some unfortunate news to inform you. I replied, what, what, what is it, he informed me I had a brain tumor. I burst out laughing and had the entire emergency laughing in tears and replied that is not a brain tumor that is a hickee, I had fallen off a scaffol and it's a hickie, then the emergecy room fell silent, once again the doctor leaned closer to me and said, Mr. Hoard you have a brain tumor, we will need to observe and run alot of test, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors could not explain one way or the other was I born with the tumor or was it something recent. For two months I could not glance upwards, I could not just get out of bed suddendly but turn sideways and then sit up and I was fine. I had spasms, I could not walk normally...the severe impact hitting the concrete shifted the mass causing all the typical symptoms I had. Finally after over two months plus of observations and test to see if the tumor was growing, my doctor informs me, I have great news we show no signs of enlargement, the tumor had calcified you will be ok. I do recall while in college and using the campus pool when I would dive underwater the impact of hitting the water would cause me to have odd bodys spasm and because I was scared I no longer went swimming after that. I pretty much am certain I was born with this tumor.

I was going blind three years ago my eye doctor discovered this I started having strange eye problems, diagnosed with glaccoma, oh you will be ok, and I am ok my eye surgeon performed laser surgery on both around 6 months apart, I now see perfectly,
There is a purpose why I am still here and continue to connect the dots to the circle of life.....

Earlier in the year I was diagnossed with a mass on my kidney a few months ago he was not sure if it was cancer. oh my doctor surgeon went in, informed me this past monday, I am good as new, no cancer, no mass I have suffered with gall bladder and bladder problems since 1998 and since the procedure, I have had no gall bladder occurrence's till today.

A few years ago when I was working offshore, I had to take the Coast Guard survival class, well you are put in a mock helicopter and its turned upside down submerged in 20 feet of water, well you are strapped turned upside down and the trained personal are under water with you as well, you had to unbuckle your strap and free yourself and exit through the window. all of this while your eyes are shut, reason for that is because of a night-time crash and being submerged underwater its dark you can not see much of anything. This test is repeated from every seat which is available on the helicopters used for transporting personnel offshore. Well, I pretty much was trapped and was drowning and as I was being pulled to the surface and upon reaching the surfacet I puked the water out of my lungs, the instructors said you passed the test you will be ok.

So, I am not a person of greed but if someone is willing to pay something extraordinary for something I created oh I would use the money wisely.
I have no car at the moment, I ride my bike everyday, no TV at the moment, my computer is my access to the world, If I were to win the lottery I would buy a home, car and boat the rest I would give to world wide charity's, such as The American Kidney Foundation, The American Women's Breast Cancer Research, The World Aids Foundation, The American Veterans Foundation, And The American Heart Foundation, The American Diabetics Association And World Hunger and countless others.
These organizations all mean the world to me and I do what ever I can do for them over the years.

We all strive throughout our lives to achieve whatever it may be some achieve while others do not, yet those individuals are too part of society and offer contributions even if it is a solid canvas with a white line.....

About 5 years ago my doctor informed me, I was terminal, I mourned for a week and could not alter my past but was going to alter my future and without any meds I controlled my illness from the images of my photography, the inspiration of the life which surrounds me each and every day, after having my procedure this summer for my gall bladder and the tumor on my kidney and my lymph nodes going haywire and suffering from lymphoadenophy my body has gone into remission, the future is certain and the meds at present have to carefully be monitored because its an altered state, and more deadly lethal than the illness, I did not mention this to anyone until I was certain the doctors were absolutely certain they were all dumfounded by recent test results within two weeks my body has ceased of any progression and in remission at present. No side effects new profile photo reveals my content, from the very conception to the very first breath we breath its all numbers, the formula of each owns individuality.

With everything I do, every task I challenge, it rejuvenates my spirit to co exist with the world and my surroundings, would I even attempt to paint a solid canvas with a white line, perhaps not I am busy connecting dots...I suppose I could paint dots, or circles somewhat related but a solid canvas with a white line. Its all about the perspective or placement of the white line......

I followed Suzanne Somers how she challenged the medical field and how she achieved her own inner healing with diet and exercise, so when I went for a follow up visit recently I told my doctor I had not taken my meds until my birthdate which is 25 I was born on November 25 and started on August 25, 2013, so I had a plan and its working, I now have two birthdays, my birthdate and my altered doctors and associates commented how symbolic and without question creates a positive state of mind on a personal level.....

And with that said, I suppose I will have sweet dreams tonight, knowing tomorrow I will make my first sale here on Fine Art America.

Revised 2015 (that sale did occur in April of 2014, not one, not two, not three but four sales from a wonderful buyer in Texas)

Over the years I have written my life experiences or talk among friends to inspire in the belief 'no dream is beyond reach while achieving success' or help in a time of need, or share their pains and grief.......

Altered Perceptions
from The Dark Room
by Michael Hoard
(C) 2013

The Memoir's Of Faith
A Novel by
by Michael Hoard
(C) 2014
Informed by my doctors January 2015 I am in perfect health and remain in remission. My doctors visits now only occur every 6 months rotating every 4.....

I am currently retired October 2014 after a career as a chef locally in New Orleans, Louisiana which consumed 17 years of my working career since the age of 15 years old.

Currently in Theatre, TV and Motion Pictures and now a Principal Actor appearing in the new motion picture 'The Free State Of Jones' staring Mathew McConhey to be released in May 2016.....I won an open audition and perform life my interpretive music.....

Featured in the upcoming episode 15 of NCIS New Orleans to air February 17, 2015 which happens to be a high action episode which takes place during Mardi Gras and airs on Mardi Gras Night February 17, 2015. My current avatar will be featured in one of the scenes. Because of contract I can not disclose where it may be seen but suggest you watch.

Presently multi-tasking and working on one of the largest projects I have ever created to be seen on BLOG a site on the inner-net and also to be seen here at Fine Art America. ( A blog about the Bicentennial of The State of Louisiana and the Battle of New Orleans through a photographers eyes photos taken with a camera I borrowed)

Photography and blog of the reenactment of one of the most historic battles fought in the country and Louisiana.

My memoirs titled
Mourning Glows!
A Christmas Story (C 2014
(A collection of my photos taken since 10 years old and a combined novel including inserts from a novel project unfinished titled

The Masque Murders (C) 1990's

Plans also for the future my first collective archival premiere art show of my photos since 10 years old.

Plans are also in the works and producing short videos and a video collage of my 53 years in photography.

A Day In The Life Of An Orangutan Primate At The New Orleans, Louisiana Audubon Zoo and Nature Institute

April 27th, 2014

A Day In The Life Of An Orangutan Primate At The New Orleans, Louisiana Audubon Zoo and Nature Institute

When you think of New Orleans, Louisiana there are many things which come to mind, you may think about the Architecture, the Fine Artist at Jackson Square, the French Quarter and the French Market, Cafe duMonde (Coffee and Beginets) the Cuisine, Mardi Gras, dancing and marching in a Second Line, the Music, the Audubon Insectarium or the history and the locals..
However you plan to discover the city, either to walk, drive, bike, take a cruise aboard the Riverboat Natchez, bus along Magazine Street or take the St. Charles Avenue Street Car there is always something fascinating around each and every corner you turn. Here in New Orleans procliamed by locals we live in the "The Big Easy" or "The City That Care Forgot" and " N'awlins"!.
There is one corner of the city which every visitor must see and that is the New Orleans Audubon Zoo and Nature Insititute , located on a parcel of land in the Historic Garden District uptown just off the Mississippi River.

Art PrintsPhotography Prints

The zoo was first constructed back in 1916 with the first exhibit an aviary, and expanded and grew over the years including during the great depression.

The Audubon family began in Audubon Park—once home to Native Americans, and later, to New Orleans' first mayor, Etienne de Boré. He founded the nation's first commercial sugar plantation here and developed its first granulated sugar through a process invented by Norbert Rillieux, a local free man of color. The land would not fall into public hands until 1850, when a philanthropist willed it to the city. During the Civil War, the location alternately hosted a Confederate camp and a Union hospital. In 1866, it was the activation site for the 9th Calvary, the "Buffalo Soldiers" whose defense of our country's western frontier made an indelible mark on America's African-American heritage. {1}

Sell Art OnlineArt Prints

Site improvements made for The World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition of 1884 (Louisiana's first world's fair) laid the foundation for an urban park. The city had acquired the land for this purpose in 1871 and in 1886, city planners changed the park's name from Upper City Park to Audubon Park. This was in tribute to artist/naturalist John James Audubon who painted many of his famed "Birds of America" in Louisiana. {2}

A governing board was appointed by the city in 1894 to find the best way to develop the land and by the turn of the century, the development had been entrusted to landscape architect John Charles Olmsted. Olmsted's family firm had risen to prominence for its design of New York's Central Park, and New Orleanians soon watched their own scenic retreat materialize from Louisiana swamplands. {3}

Art PrintsArt Prints

The Audubon Commission was established by State Act in 1914 to maintain and develop Audubon Park. A flight cage was added to the park in 1916, and its popularity launched the community's call for a full-scale zoo. Today Audubon Park includes the site of Audubon Zoo and many amenities including riding stables, tennis courts, a golf course and clubhouse, jogging trails, lagoons, baseball fields, soccer fields and more than 300 acres of green space for people to enjoy. {4}

Audubon Park does not receive dedicated city funding for operations and is sustained by proceeds generated by Audubon Zoo and other facilities managed by Audubon Nature Institute. To fulfill its responsibility for the improvement and long-term conservation of Audubon Park, Audubon Nature Institute is launching a focused fundraising initiative, Olmsted Renewed. The campaign supports the care and preservation of existing trees; the planting of new trees and other natural landscaping; and the maintenance of existing structures throughout the Park {5}

My first blog here on FAA is of my time spent with the Orangutan Primate I observed and took photos of in the mid 1980's.
As I approached the Orangutan living quarters I stopped and observed its movements. The Orangutan kept moving around searching for something. As I watched in amazement, the Orangutan picked up a piece of cardboard and caught glimse of me standing watching him.. At the time I was check my camera settings and looked up and the Oragutan poked a hole in the cardboard and started to mimic me. I would raise my camera up and then the Orangutan would do the same with the piece of cardboard. Then after this went on for quite sometime, the Orangutan then started to eat the cardboard. I then realized then the primae was inneractint with me. The photos which I took that amazing day reveal the inneraction between primate and the photographer. .

Note: The restoration project of the New Orleans, Louisiana Audubon Zoo and Nature Institute was the brainchild of a local Ron Foreman 38 years ago. Ron Foreman along with locals, investors and fundrasing events had set the plan into action. A zoo with a natural environment to house the many animals was constructed. The existing New Orleans Audubon Zoo was once compared to as an "animal ghetto".

Today, with the dedicated staff of zoologist and continued visits by tourist world-wide and locals, the New Orleans Audubon Zoo and Nature Insititue has maintained its rating as one of the top 5 zoo's to visit in America!

Blog Notes: Acknowledgement, special thanks to the New Orleans Audubon Zoo and Nature Institute for allowing me to include the paragrahs {1} - {5} from their offical web page,.

All photos and blog notes are copyrighted by the photographer Michael Hoard (eye see colors) (c) 2013.
No photos can be used without the sole permission of the photographer Michael Hoard. (c) 2013.

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Recipes From The Darkroom

November 28th, 2013

Greetings from the City That Care Forgot New Orleans, Louisiana home of all that Jazz, Historic Architecture, and the world renown food from creole to local cuisine. Introducing my new concepts for future cook books to be published locally of my culinary original and recreations of famous recipes From The Darkroom, and Cuisine Luizzanne, A Time To Dine, and Cuisine America a collection of a single recipe from every state across America, and an original cookbook concept consisting of recipes from every corner of the State of Louisiana including Northern Louisiana Shreveport to Central Louisiana East and West of the Mississippi River and the flavors of original and local favorite recipes.
copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved
by Michael Hoard a photographic and culinary blog, local national and local cookbooks

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Within this blog will be original photographs of my culinary recipes having attending a local cooking school and achieving Chef status since 1997. My culinary resume consists of working at world renown restaurants locally, offshore and on large explorations boats to various platforms. My culinary experience consists of the heart smart method of cooking; also assisted in the cooking of gluten free and any special dietary needs designated as a national role model at Tulane University Uptown Campus for its large student population in need from a gluten free daily food menu.

Unless you have certain food allergies, consuming foods in moderation have been proven beneficial to the human body, eat fresh foods, smaller portions, sticking to a well balanced diet generally is the key to a healthy body.

Over the years I was fortunate to work side by side with local renown chefs whom became my mentors in the culinary industry.

My love for cooking dates back to an early age being from a very large family and a very colorful New Orleans Heritage which includes American Indian Cherokee, Irish, German, Norwegian, and Acadian French my parents both were superior cooks and taught all six of us original family recipes. Some of those original family recipes have been used in various restaurants I had been employed over the years locally and hired for private catered functions.

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Creamed Button Mushroom Soup

1 Large Yellow Onion Diced
1 Green Bell Pepper fresh or grilled (Diced)
1 Red Bell Pepper fresh or grilled (Diced) or Canned Roasted bell peppers found in most grocery stores
1 Stalk Celery
2 cloves fresh or roasted garlic (optional preference) (Diced)
2 Green Onions (Diced)
1 Sprig Parsley (Diced) 3 quarts Chicken or Vegetable Stock
2 pint of mushrooms sliced or quartered (any variety optional)
1 Quart Heavy Cream
1/4 cup flour or arrow root for thickening
(Vegetable Blend Cooking oil or butter optional to coat soup pot for sauteing fresh ingredients.optional)

Yield: 1 Gallon

Flavor to taste with a chef's blend, equal parts of Salt, Pepper and Garlic Salt.

In a medium soup pot, saute onions, bell peppers, celery, garlic until cooked lucent. Add stock and heavy cream on medium heat
Add mushrooms 15 minutes before completed cooking time.
Stir occasionally, the ideal creamed soup should coat the bottom of a spoon.

To thicken soup use a blond roux (1/4 cup flour and oil, stir until semi liquid This method thickens soups nicely or use arrow root per directions.
Add green onions and parsley for garnish.
Prep and cooking time aprox. 25 minutes.

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Charbroiled Oysters On The Half Shell
Recipe by Drago's Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana

Makes 18 Drago's Charbroiled Oysters
Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes


8 ounces (2 sticks) softened butter
2 tablespoons finely chopped garlic
1 teaspoon black pepper
Pinch dried oregano
1 1/2 dozen large, freshly shucked oysters on the half shell
1/4 cup grated Parmesan and Romano cheeses, mixed
2 teaspoons chopped flat-leaf parsley

Note: Tommy Cvitanovich of Drago's Seafood Restaurant says, "This is the perfect dish for those who want to enjoy oysters in their unadorned form, but can't or won't eat them raw. Once you start eating these charbroiled ones, you won't be able to stop. Don't attempt this without freshly shucked oysters and an outdoor grill."
Heat a gas or charcoal grill. In a medium bowl, mix butter with garlic, pepper, and oregano.

Place oysters on the half shell right over the hottest part. Spoon enough of the seasoned butter over the oysters so that some of it will overflow into the fire and flame up a bit.

The oysters are ready when they puff up and get curly on the sides, or form a bibs, about 5 minutes. Sprinkle the grated Parmesan and Romano and the parsley on top. Serve on the shells immediately with hot French bread. (Note this recipe was developed by the Chef and his parents.)

Drago Chef's prepare the famous oysters served at the restaurant and countless outdoor festivals held throughout the city.

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(Chef's Note: Always be sure your oysters are fully cooked, you can pre-saute the oysters in a sauce pan until they form gills, example: raised ridges form on the oyster similar to the gills or bibs this gill or bibs are similar to the underside of mushrooms and such as the portobello You can then place the fully cooked oyster on the oyster shell and bake in conventional oven, until cheese melts and sizzling.) Though oysters are consumed raw, they may have marine bacteria like any foods consumed we do take risk, some individual pour on the hot sauce this being there personal preference.

When preparing foods regardless if a inexperienced or experienced cook, you should be able to taste all the natural ingredients.
Any foods consumed in moderation will promote a healthy diet and body.

Updates will be made on regular basis,

Feel free to leave your comments and to contact the photographer and chef n the message tab.