Michael Hoard


New Orleans, LA


Hello, and a southern welcome from "The City that Care Forgot", New Orleans, Louisiana USA,! Chef Michael is a multi-talented local Artist and Photographer, (included in his gallery are images from his gallery of "eye see COLOURS", "eye see COLORS" Watercolors", are his water color paintings and pen and ink originals and his fine art photography).

Please feel free to browse his gallery and should you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact the artist directly here at Fine Art America! There are many unique photographic images to choose from and would be suitable to display in any office or home living space.

Michael's photographic creations are the thoughts in his mind, the images he sees in his dreams and the spirit in his heart. His love and passionn for photography and his home, the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, including his travels across the USA and abroad.

Michael's photography spans over 54 years and was spared any damage from the devastating destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

Thank you for your purchases, comments, and for viewing his gallery of "eye see COLORS", eye see COLOURS", MyPhotoImages. Future plans for the artist include a premiere show of his 54 years of photography "eye see COLORS"..

A quote by the artist, "Color is merely a de-fraction of light, without light MyPhotoImages would be non-existent"

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Buyer Note: Any FAA watermark does not appear on sale merchandise.

Note: Along with the other talents of the photographer Michael was selected by the Director and Casting Director and appeared in the 2013 season filming of The American Horror Story, a movie, mini series vied on the FX channel. Michael's role was the Piano Man at an 1830's lavish, upscale dinner party. Michael was cast from 20 others who also auditioned for the role.
Currently the photographer is involved in local theater and performances and also his participation in a two day scene being filmed by Warner Brothers a featured movie Geostorrm starring Ed Harris in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The Photographer

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